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Howl Press provides high quality books to the hotel and cruise line industry. The stories are well written, there are a diverse number of voices and stories in our Collections and we work hand-in-hand with you to offer a more tangible, more endearing amenity for your guests.

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  • Our premier line offers thought provoking, engaging, topical and light hearted non-fiction stories. These are first run pieces written by award-winning writers and your guests.

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The Second Collection

  • In this Collection guests will enjoy stories, poetry and stunning black and white photographs.

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Your rooms are well appointed,
the linens fresh
and your guest’s cup is
filled with the finest coffee.
you have attended to
every detail.

Guests have chosen this place
(your place)
to shed their problems,
put aside their troubles and
right here.

You provide an easy silence for
your guests
to relax,
renew and now,



Children's Collection

  • For guests with young children we offer a children’s line of books.

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Therefore it would be quite useless for me to try to explain why I read certain books. As to how and when, my answers must be only less vague. I almost always read a good deal in the evening; and if the rest of the evening is occupied I can at least get half an hour before going to bed.
    ~Theodore Roosevelt


“I recently stayed at the Charles Hotel and loved the Testify book. What a wonderful idea! I haven’t seen anything like it and wanted to let you know that I think it’s great. It’s even inspired me to write something myself. I just don’t know that it will be worth submitting but we’ll see. Thanks for the inspiration.”

“I have some pieces I'm working on for future publications! I'll send them along in the next week or so. I just love these books!”

“Better than a chocolate, more thoughtful than a sewing kit!”

“Is it possible to purchase the entire collection? I love these little books.”

“My boyfriend and I really enjoyed Testify”